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Serving West Essex since 1997
Pest Control

Unsurpassed Pest Control & Protection, the Cornerstone of our Reputation.
Abadon Pest Control is an Essex based local business dealing in the fast,
efficient and cost effective treatment of pests and vermin.

Abaddon specialises in erradicating
wasps from your home or premises
and provides treatments for rats, mice, ants etc in a fast and friendly

Health Concerns?

Many common household pests can pose serious concerns and health risks
to your family due to their ability to bite, sting, chew, and carry diseases
(such as rats, mice, cockroaches etc.). In addition to being a nuisance,
these pests can cause a significant amount of damage to your home. It is
important to fully understand the dangers stemming from these types of
infestations and how best to protect your home and family.

Worried? - Don't

Providing unsurpassed pest control service since 1997, Abaddon Pest
Control goes one step further to protect your family’s health and property
while caring for our environment.
Let us take ownership of your pest problems and we will:
- Inspect to pinpoint pest issues
- Identify not only the pest, but the true cause of the problem
- Treat in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current
issues and help prevent any future recurrence

You get the added comfort of knowing you are doing what’s best for your
family and home. It truly is pest protection you can feel good about.

If you want a fast response of a descrete nature (we use unmarked
vehicles)then give us a call on:

01277 899898

York House, Dunmow Road, Fyfield, Ongar, Essex CM5 0NN

Wasp Specialists - 7 Days a week

Business Contract Enquiries Welcome - Factories, Public Houses, Restaurants, Stables,
Schools, Village Halls etc.

Established Over 12 Years

Royal Society Of Health Qualified

Other Treatments - Rats, Mice, Ants, etc

Fully Insured

For Prompt Reliable and Friendly service call David Jackson on:

01277 899898

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